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Anita’s Wedd (My F-22 friend)

Jakarta, November 18th 2012 @ Angke Restaurant and Function Hall

We are F-22 Family. Cici Shinta looks so pretty here!

Anita and Hubby pour the champagne into the glasses

We do the wedding toast. Surely I just drink a soft drink not champagne (yang tadinya saya kira segelas air putih) haha… 😉

F-22 Family feat Anita’s Hubby and Cici Shinta’s Mother

Take a picture with Anita’s Mom-Dad

Say cheeeessseee….

Say aaaaaaaaa……

Sunday’s nite I went to Anita’s wedd. It has been held in Angke Restaurant. Because it’s a private party, so I just went with 10 friends (not all of my friends invited). It’s my first experience to attend the Chinese Wedding. There were saying thanks to both of parents ceremony, piece a cake, wedding kiss, and then wedding toast. Wedding toast means to pray for the happy bride and groom happiness, health, fortune and the good things in their future. When The wedding toast began, I did it with a soft drink..hehe.. Anita ensured that all the food served can I eat, because I and Mbak Ella are Moslem in F-22 family (who attended the party), hihihi.. ^__^v

Happy Wedding, Anita… Happy ever after.. 😉



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